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Booking Terms

  • 50% Payment of the Rent of Hall is required at the time of Booking. Remaining 50% Payment Required before 1 month of Function Date. A booking is not considered as confirmed unless payment in full has been made before 1 month of function.
  • Party should submit Invitation Card and Tehsildar Collector Permission one week before funtion.
  • Once a hall has been booked and paid for, it cannot be cancelled. If Covid 19 Lockdown and /or Guest wish to cancel the booking before 60 days, the booking amount is not refundable, in that situation the booking is open for other date as per availability for the next 6 months.
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Catering Policy

  • The Caterer has to Strictly follow safety measures regarding gas cylinder, burner, hot oil handling. In case of any accident, mishap, fire, death, commotion or any incident, the hall management will not take any responsibility. It's completely Client's/Party's/Caterer's responsibility.
  • Gas Cylinders shall not be permitted inside the main hall.
  • Gas Cylinders shall not be permitted inside the main hall.
  • The Caterer and hirer shall ensure that all statutory conditions for health and hygiene, quality of uniforms, etc are complied with.
  • Necessary Food License Copy, Health Certificates Copies must be submitted to the Hall Management prior to rendering of services.
  • The Caterer shall handover cleaned kitchen and other food serving premises after the event. No waste shall be thrown/disposed in or around the premises, else the amount will be deducted from it's security deposit.
  • The Caterer will be sole responsible for the loss/theft of their own belongings.
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Terms and Conditions

  • No Mask No Entry, Covid 19 Rules to be followed by all the members of the functions. Smoking, Eating Pan Tobacco, consumption of Alcohol liquor, bursting crackers or explosives, other malpractices and any other hazardous things are strictly not allowed in the premises.
  • In case of any accident, mishap, fire, theft, death, commotion or any incident the hall management will not take any responsibility. It will be entirely client/party's responsibility. It's entirely Client/Party's responsibility to ensure security of their personal belongings, guests, children etc. No compensation will be given to the Client/Party Party's Guest Whether material or inkind.
  • The Client/Party agrees to take complete responsibility of the property of the hall including paintings, doors, windows, fittings, electrical appliances, curtains, decorative items,etc. In case of any damage or loss of the items or property Client/ Party have to compensate for the same and the value determined by the hall authority shall be final.
  • Transport or Goods Vehicles shall not be permitted to park in Parking Area. The client/ Party in case desire to utilize this area for any purpose shall have to take prior approval of all management.
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Decoration Policy

  • Decoration will be Provided by Hall authority only, Client/ Party shall not appoint their own decorator other than Hall appointed Decorator.
  • Decorating - All Items brought into the facility must be removed at the end of event.
  • Sticking of Bills/lables, drilling of holes for nails & screws, etc on the wall is strictly prohibited. Any damages of the hall property, the party will have to bear the charges and the same will be deducted from the security deposit.
  • You may not use the services of Horizon Halls Staff for loading and unloading of goods and material to be used in a function. No Musical Instruments or LoadSpeakers will be allowed after 10.00 p.m. or any other such time as applicable by Law. Noise Pollution is Strictly Prohibited.